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Solving Azure DevOps Workload Identity Federation service connection 50 minute time-out error

 When connecting to external resources like Azure Resource Manager you will need a service connection in Azure DevOps. Normally I utilize a service principal for this purpose. The certificate issued by Microsoft Entra ID was normally valid for two years but Microsoft changed this to three months in the release of January 18th and is promoting the usage of Workload identity federation  (WIF). When testing this WIF based service connection I noticed that the OIDC token is only valid for about 50 minutes. This time is to short for the PowerShell script I use to monitor the Azure Image Builder image builds. These image build processes can take up to four hours but fail now with an error message like the one below. A configuration issue is preventing authentication - check the error message from the server for details. You can modify the configuration in the application registration portal. See for details.  Original exception: AADSTS700024: Client as

Solve code coverage issue with Azure Functions

 I tried to execute code coverage for an Azure Function project with the Coverlet NuGet package. When running the unit test phase I received the following error message and no code coverage file was generated for the Azure Function project. Data collector 'XPlat code coverage' message: [coverlet]System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.ServiceCollection' from assembly 'Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60'.    at Coverlet.Collector.DataCollection.CoverletCoverageCollector.GetDefaultServiceCollection(TestPlatformEqtTrace eqtTrace, TestPlatformLogger logger, String testModule)    at Coverlet.Collector.DataCollection.CoverletCoverageCollector.OnSessionStart(Object sender, SessionStartEventArgs sessionStartEventArgs) in /_/src/coverlet.collector/DataCollection/CoverletCoverageCollector.cs:line 135. To solve this issue you have to add the