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Assign an existing certificate to your IIS website with WiX - Part 2 (PowerShell version)

In my previous post I explained how to assign an existing certificate with a custom action. Because of all kind of IIS Manager related failures I had on my work with this solution I did some research and constructed a version based on the usage of a PowerShell step within the WiX installer. PowerShellWixExtension In this new scenario I use the PowerShellWixExtension written by David Gardiner which I found on GitHub. To use this extension you have to add a reference to the PowerShellWixExtension.dll in your WiX Setup project. I added this reference with the published NuGet package. Search for PowershellWixExtension in the store. The further steps to use this library are documented on the GitHub page. PowerShell script Add to your WiX setup project a PowerShell file name Add-ExistingCertificateToBinding.ps1 which will contain the steps to find and add the certificate to an existing IIS binding. Add the below PowerShell code to this file. param ( [Parameter(Mandatory = $Fals

Assign an existing certificate to your IIS website with WiX

Recently I had to change the bindings of existing IIS hosted websites and APIs from HTTP to HTTPS. They are installed with a MSI file created with the WiX Toolset . Because I have to use an already on the server installed certificate I cannot use the Certificate element from the IIS Extension because this element only supports installing and uninstalling certificates based on PFX files. After doing some research I found the blog article Assign Certificate (Set HTTPS Binding certificate) to IIS website from Wix Installer which described the usage of Custom Actions for this purpose. I adopted this approach and rewrote the code for my scenario. With WiX I still create the website. <iis:WebSite Id="WebSite" ConfigureIfExists="yes" AutoStart="yes" Description="MyWebsite" Directory="IISROOT" StartOnInstall="yes"> <iis:WebAddress Id="WebSite"