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Automated infrastructure (pre) deployment verification tests

I develop C# based web apps and integration solutions (APIs) for years and nowadays they are hosted in Azure. Most of the time I also create the infrastructure to deploy these kind of applications. In accordance with the Infrastructure as Code principles that I use, I do this using ARM templates supplemented with PowerShell (DSC) scripts. As a developer, I am used to writing unit tests to test my applications. Testing infrastructure is a new area for me. The traditional unit test approach does not work here because you cannot test an infrastructure until it has been rolled out. Recently I have gained experience with the use of the Pester framework for performing (pre) deployment verification testing during the rollout of an IIS website environment. In this blog article I share some experiences I have gained during this project. Case The case in this case is the rollout of a WCF API hosted on an Azure VM on which no IIS web server is installed yet. This web service will run under