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Low-code/serverless (integration) environments and testability

This month I attended the Integrate 2018 integration congress which was held from June 4-6 in London. These three days I and all other attendees where informed about the latest low-code and serverless integration solutions in the Azure cloud. Think about solutions like Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Event Grid and API Management. One general theme I was missing during all these sessions is the testability of the solution. For BizTalk my team invested a lot of time in writing unit tests for our solutions. One of my colleagues wrote an unit test framework which let us test our XML schemas, XSLTs and pipeline components for example based on the MSTest framework. Our CI/CD pipeline will execute these test every time the code is checked in and the BizTalk solution has not to be deployed on an actual BizTalk environment. With these low-code/serverless tools it feels I am back in the work on my machine (actual environment) and the labour intensive manually testing era. None of the speakers m