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How to control the 'Propagate Default Route' setting of a Azure VHub Network Connection from code

 Using Azure Virtual WAN for your hub/spoke network and want to know how to control the 'Propagate Default Route' setting on a Azure VHub Network Connection via code? Modifying this setting via the UI is easy. Go to the specific virtual network connection in the Virtual network connections setting of the Virtual WAN and change the value from Enable into Disable or vice versa. How to do this via code was a mystery for me until I consulted Microsoft support. If you consult the documentation for maintaining the virtual hub network connection you don't find a setting named 'Propogate Default Route' or a mention in the description about it. ARM / Bicep - Hub virtual network connections PowerShell - New-AzVirtualHubVnetConnection Azure CLI - az network vhub connection Microsoft Support explained that the attribute  enableInternetSecurity , with description 'Enable internet security.', is actually controlling the behavior off the option 'Propagate Default Ro