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API Management CI/CD using ARM Templates - API Management service and custom hostnames

Eldert Grootenboer ( Motion10 ) posted a series of blog posts around setting up CI/CD for Azure API Management using Azure Resource Manager templates. In his series he describes how you can using Visual Studio Team Services to host GIT repositories and set up a build and release pipeline for deploying your API Management service and it's APIs. This blog post is an extension on his first article wich describes the setup for deploying the API Management service and is done as a nested ARM template (as described in the linked template article). Scenario The API Management service is default hosted under Microsoft's DNS domain. To provide a professional experience to our developers we want to host our API Management service under our own DNS domain. The SSL certificate will be stored in Azure Key Vault and the configuration will be part of the CI/CD pipeline as described by Eldert in his blog posts. To make the scenario more production like we will store