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AdvancedSchedule generates error when using monthDays for new schedule

If I want to deploy a monthly schedule on for example the last day of the month I encounter an error message when I used the REST API or the ARM template. The body of the REST API for creating schedules I used look likes this: { "name": "demoSchedule", "properties": { "startTime": "2022-05-07T22:00:00+02:00", "interval": 1, "frequency": "Month", "advancedSchedule": { "weekDays": [], "monthDays": [ -1 ], "monthlyOccurrences": [] } } } When I execute this REST call I receive the following error message: { "code": "BadRequest", "message": "Argument requestScheduleData with value Orchestrator.Schedules.DataAccess.Models.ScheduleAllData is not valid. Error message: The input value is not valid for Monthly Schedule Type" } After spending a lot of time of trial & error I