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Get values from linked ARM template with a copy loop

The Microsoft documentation for modularizing ARM templates is missing a sample where the copy loop is combined with returning output. I modified the example template which Microsoft uses in their Get values from linked template example to demonstrate this scenario.  The linked template gets a parameter where we can pass in a name for the greeting. { "$schema": "", "contentVersion": "", "parameters": { "name": { "type": "string" } }, "variables": {}, "resources": [], "outputs": { "greetingMessage": { "value": "[concat('Hello ', parameters('name')]", "type": "string" } } } The main template deploys the linked template and gets the returned values from the name array. Notice th

Return the correct Content-Type for a Logic App API in API Management

Given our company cloud strategy, BizTalk is finite for us and we have started the transition to an iPaaS landscape based on Microsoft Azure . The BizTalk environment is replaced by an environment consisting of API Management , Logic Apps , Functions , Event Grid and Service Bus parts. One of the BizTalk HTTP APIs is exposed by API Management to internal and external consumers and is partly migrated to a Logic App already. This transformation to iPaaS should have no impact on the consumers of the API Management endpoints.  Sadly we found out this week that this was not true for one of the methods within that specific API. One of the consumers was transitioning from the BizTalk API to the version hosted in API Management. When testing the API they complained that the received an error that the HTTP Header Content-Type was not supported in their client. The value they received was application/xml instead of the BasicHttpBinding value text/xml; charset=utf-8 they needed. The develope